Monday, February 06, 2006

Can't we all just get along?

Last week I started a post entitled “The Elected vs. Jenny Lewis With the Watson Twins,” comparing the two brand-new solo efforts from the leading kids of Rilo Kiley. It went into all this detail comparing the two albums on every possible element, but it got way too long and I got bored. Not to mention the fact that I knew the punchline would be that both albums are amazing and should both be bought by everyone, everywhere. Without question, the Elected’s Sun, Sun, Sun and Jenny Lewis With the Watson Twins’ Rabbit Fur Coat will appear on countless year-end lists 11 or so months from now.

Jenny will probably be on a few more, but only ’cause she’s hotter.

These albums aren’t better or worse, necessarily, than Rilo Kiley’s already stellar output—just complementary in every way. It blows my mind that these guys aren’t more famous than they are.

Soundclips are available on the Elected’s and Jenny Lewis’ respective MySpace sites. Start out with the Elected’s “Fireflies in a Steel Mill” and Jenny’s sublime “Rise up With Fists!!” (Is it just me or do these guys seem like they should be too big for MySpace?)


At 12:06 PM, Blogger FriedOreo said...

Two weeks ago I went in search of the first Elected album, which was recommended to me, but came away instead with "Sun, Sun, Sun." It's not bad, but I can't seem to take to the guy's voice; at times he sounds like he's thisclose to crying, but I just don't buy it. I wanted to catch them and Stars (now there's a talented group) tonight in SF, but Stark Attack is rolling into town--and who can pass that up?


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