Tuesday, February 07, 2006


To Mugmon et. al:

Just so you know, XTC had an awesome side project call the Dukes of Strosphear. Here is what Partridge had to say about them:

“The Dukes were the band we all wanted to be in when we were at school. Purple, giggling, fuzztone, liquid and arriving. If you want to know where those cheap charlatans ‘The Beatles’, ‘Pink Floyd’, ‘The Byrds’, ‘The Hollies’ and ‘The Beach Boys’ stole their ideas from, well just listen to this and weep.”

They put out two records which are hysterical and awesome.

Also, for any XTC fanatic, although the great mongrel is awesome, i just feel i need to do this:
http://chalkhills.org/ (this site is SO DEEP you wont believe it. happy spelunking!)


At 6:24 AM, Blogger Mugshot said...

Yes- Dukes is amazing. The first song on the LP ("The Mole in the Ministry") is 100% genius. The Dukes work just shows how much this band is based in the classics while still sounding new.
Also, to all: for short posts, you can take out the last /span tag, because /span is only needed at the end of long posts.


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