Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Does She Want Revenge?

They have been receiving major hype on MTV, and sound a lot like an Interpol cover band. I have to admit that I found the bits and pieces that I heard to be rather catchy and plan on giving them a bit more attention. Still it made me wonder the state of things and whether Interpol has wasted their chance at glory.

Are Interpol destined to be the pixies that inspired many other commercial successes? I've heard a lot of rumours that their next record on Matador will be their last or sold off my Matador to a bigger label, but by that point if bands like She Wants Revenge are already getting major airplay sounding just like Interpol will the moment be past?

And how on Earth could Interpol top Turn on the Bright Lights or Antics with a big studio release? Would the pressure (and hype) be too much?

Its like learning a new language.....


At 7:43 PM, Blogger stark attack said...

interpol are callous, affected, and distant...their music is devoid of passion and overthought. just my two cents

At 1:01 AM, Blogger ryunited and it feels so good said...

Ok, thats blasphemy, and outrageously condescending...but thats why I liked your band. So thats cool with me!

I don't know if I've ever heard a more emotive long song than Leif Erickson. I empathize so much with the guy who feels like he is miming half the time because he can't say what he wants to the way he wants to...Probably because I overthink everything too.

So then I wonder, is the argument that overthought has a causal relationship whereby it leads to a loss of passion?

My man Uri, the decision making prof who has unknowingly become my guru, just gave a great lecture today on how when people are asked to explain why they like something, their prefences tend to change. His argument was that people don't really understand why they like things, and when forced to explain, they confabulate explanations that let them down and end up liking something else.


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