Saturday, February 04, 2006

A little bit of Irish magic!

I recently received a care package from a Dublin-based friend who I met a few months ago, and with whom I share a love for the band Ash. I thought I'd share a bit about them for those unfamiliar.

Here is the low down:

Ash is a (now) quartet band led by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Tim Wheeler that hail from Ireland.

The Sound: The band epitomize power-pop and play with a rage that resembles You Gave Your Love to Me Softly Weezer, and lovely melodies that resemble, well, Island in the Sun Weezer. Songs are fun, sweet and innocent.

If you have to buy one album: 1977, the band's second record is a masterpiece with classic singles like Kung Fu, Goldfinger, Girl from Mars, and Angel Intervention. It also starts and ends with Star Wars sound effects and the last song Lightside/Darkside closes with a sound that I think is the musical intrepretation of sheer ecstasy.

Top Five Singles:
1) Kung Fu off 1977
2) Burn Baby Burn off of Free All Angels
3) Girl from Mars off of 1977 (reportedly played by NASA as their holding message...)
4) A Life Less Ordinary off of Nu-clear Sounds
5) Candy off of Free All Angels

Top Five B-sides:
1) Halloween (Fried Oreo certified)
2) Where is our Love Going?
3) Coasting
4) No Place to Hide
5) So the story goes


At 2:13 AM, Blogger FriedOreo said...

I can attest to Ryunited's love for Ash. "Girl From Mars" was featured on a mixed CD he gave me in the wake of a break-up long ago. It's worth mentioning that he compiled three CDs, beginning with somber tracks that soon gave way to songs that slapped me in the face and reminded me to get on with my life. Thank you, Ryunited. The standout track among standout tracks was "Coming Up Roses" by Elliot Smith, the coda to the first CD. "I don't need your permission to bury my love under this bare light bulb." That's some heavy shit, man.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Mugshot said...

Interesting... I seem to remember going by the TLA in Philly once and seeing an advertisement for an Ash show, and some band called... what were they called... ah yes! The Bravery, opening for them.


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