Tuesday, February 07, 2006


If you haven't heard Akron/Family, stop reading and go get some o that sheet rite now bitch.

Saturday nite, at twelve galaxies here in sf, home of hippiedom, these indie fuckers outhippied everybody. They came on stage and set up a series of bizarre talismans all over the stage, carefully as if they put them in the same place every night. which, by the way, is impossible, since the shit clubs they play DEFINITELY do not have layouts large enough to emulate the same arrangements. but anyway.

these guys kill. They make desperate, insane noise with instruments behind their heads, looking like they are about to fall over, and then hit- WITHOUT STOPPING- on a DIME into the most gorgeous, beautiful post-folk youve ever heard. Its like if Sonic Youth, at their noiseiest, just INSTANTLY transformed into crosby stills nash...and young mothafucka!

these guys are the real deal. and whats great is they know it, and they poke fun at themselves. although they are without a doubt some of the most pretentious indie rockers around (michael gira of the swans did disover them after all), they are also goofy as hell and huge hippies. seeing them, i realized that they really do buy this hippie shit, they seriously believe in the talismans and their music is religious and magical, yet they began their set telling everyone, tongue and cheek, that this show would be the closest thing to the "san francisco in our minds." then they did o jam on bongos, recorder, and glockenspiel before HAMMERING into a riff. amazing.

their live set sounds a lot like the split they just released with gira, with only glimpses of their first record, which is a much folkier, more serenely beautiful affair. only by hearing the first album do you really understand that their hard rock is a band exploring sonic territory to augment a PERFECT grasp and control of the subdued folk they clearly love. its no wonder theyre on the same label as devandra...but they make him look like a silly, uneducated child.

go check out akron/family. NOW BITCH


At 3:58 AM, Blogger FriedOreo said...

Stark Attack:

In a pre-Super Bowl frenzy, I bought some XTC albums and the Akron/Family disc. It's pretty fuckin weird, if you ask me, but some of the melodies stuck. I'll give it another whirl.

And where did the name Akron/Family come from anyway?

Bizarre talismans? I recall seeing a Philly band perform several times with a moving plastic flamingo on stage. Akron/Family can't top that.

At 1:04 PM, Blogger ryunited and it feels so good said...

This Akron/Family band sounds like a lot of fun and reminds me a bit of a Philadelphia revelation called "The Perfectionists" who I got to see a few times over the past two years.

I recall one glorious night when the Perfectionists erstwhile frontman told the crowd he had come "all the way from west center city Philadelphia to teach old city Philadelphia how to rock" - I've removed explitives. There was all manner of cheap tricks, playing guitars with teeth, behind the back, on your back, while yo-yo-ing...great times.

There is nothing more rock and roll than getting caught up in the moment.

At 7:46 PM, Blogger stark attack said...

awww, you guys are so sweet. its nice to know the legend lives on:)

seriously though, check out akron/family, they put my antics to shame.


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