Monday, February 13, 2006


so this blog isnt so into the hardcore it seems. and neither am i, for that matter. but just this past week on my radio show (see sidebar- college radio!) i was doing a tribute to dinosaur jr., who formed on sst records out of the asses of j's hardcore band deep wound, so i did a little exploring of sst hardcore (black flag esp.) which led me to minor threat. played a few tunes on the radio, like the energy, but didnt really think too much about it.

flash forward: its last friday nite, me and friedoreo are scouring the amoeba rock cassette section, and there it is: minor threat's first two eps, collected onto one cassette tape. holy lord of hosts. 3 bucks. done. bought. in the car. drive home from berkeley to palo alto. lost. 1.5 hours. WHO CARES!!!!!! with words like these:

Was she really worth it?
She cost you your life
You'll never leave her side
She's gonna be your wife

You call it romance
You're full of shit

Your brain is clay
What's going on?
You picked up a bible
And now you're gone

You call it religion
You're full of shit


pure, unadulterated genius. the music is SUCH HIGH ENERGY. shouldnt even be written about. lyrics, golden, COMPLETE TRUTH no poses, no trying to impress, just the word. A bible for our times. We all need this in our lives sometimes.

btw they compiled their entire recorded output onto ONE CD. my birthday is 3/13. feel free:


At 8:50 PM, Blogger Mugshot said...

I always love listening to this kind of stuff for the first few minutes, or songs. And then I get tired of it. I think the key is to enjoy it for a few songs, really take in the lyrics, and then listen to some more later. Because more than some bands, these songs all sound the same. And I don't have a high tolerance for listening to songs just for words and style.

At 9:17 PM, Blogger FriedOreo said...

Yeah, Amoeba has lots of good cassette tapes, neatly organized. They had lots of copies of REM's "Life's Rich Pageant." When Mugshot visits in two-and-a-half weeks, we're gonna buy the entire REM opus for under $30. I got "The Queen is Dead" for two bucks. And oddly, Stark Attack and I were the only patrons looking through the cassette tapes.


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