Monday, March 13, 2006

Elvis Costello meets the Kinks in Israel?

So I just returned from Spring Break (woo!!!) in Israel (huh?), where I spent a week travelling in the Holy Land and soaking in all its sunny goodness. One of the highlights of my trip, aside from my several stops at the local shawarma spit for a tasty snack was the discovery of what I think is a brilliant talent.

I was watching soccer on Israel's Sports5. Between games they have random in studio performances from up-and-coming local artists. They mostly underwhelmed me until a particularly geeky looking (think:Buddy Holly) dude named Shy Nobleman started rocking out to his single "Girlfriend." It features some of the most hysterical lyrics I've heard in a long while.

Some of the gems included:

"She gave me ice cream, it felt really nice, but now I am so fat, that I feel terrible about my looks"

"During high school, i hated all the girls in my class. They were so nasty, I thought I was gay."

"Girlfriends are not easy to find. Said my father. Girlfriends are not easy to find. Said my mother. Especially the pretty ones. My grandma laughed at me, laughed at me, laughed at me. "

They really hammed it up and rocked hard too. The next day I went to the local Tower records, and it turned out that the sales guys there love the guy, they'd had Shy and his band in for a record signing a few days earlier, and gave me an autographed copy of the album!

What was most surprising was that the album is consistently good. Lots of moog, every late 60's British power pop trick in the book, consistently funny self deprecating lyrics, and a great upbeat approach.

You can download or watch the video for the single "Girlfriend" at


At 1:34 PM, Blogger FriedOreo said...

Wow. Still not sure what to make of the music, but the lyrics and the video are funny. And it's good to see Napoleon Dynamite on the drums. Excellent work, Ryunited. This is exactly the kind of contribution the Mongrel needs. We'll have to subsidize future music-scouting trips to Israel.


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