Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First Impressions

Currently listening: The Twilight Singers’ Powder Burns.

Street date: May 16.
i-know-the-boss date: April 25.
Awesome-media-job factor: 21 days.
Awesome-media-job factor negated: The whole thing’s already downloadable from iTunes Music Store, including a bonus track. So there.

First-listen standout tracks:
“Forty Dollars”
“Underneath the Waves”
“Powder Burns”

Sample downloads:
"Forty Dollars" (via the totally awesomely titled The Rich Girls Are Weeping)
"Bonnie Brae" (via An Aquarium Drunkard)
"I’m Ready" (via Achtung, Baby!)

Totally lighting up the band’s MySpace comment box:
“There’s Been an Accident” (streaming there, along with “Forty Dollars,” “Bonnie Brae” and, from 2003’s outstanding Blackberry Belle, “Teenage Wristband”)

Best Beatles reference:
The “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah … ” outta nowhere chorus on “Forty Dollars”

Most imperceptible backing vocals:
Ani DiFranco on “Forty Dollars” (but glad to know she’s there anyway)

Coolest song title:
“There’s Been an Accident”

Could swear it’s an old Afghan Whigs joint:
“My Time (Has Come)”
“I’m Ready”

Proof that, now that this is the fourth full-length Twilight Singers album, it’s time to get over the fact that the Afghan Whigs broke up last decade:
“Powder Burns”
“Underneath the Waves”

Holy acoustic guitar!:
“The Conversation”

One more reason to love Greg Dulli:
The songs actually segue from one to the next! Like, you know, an album! Whatta concept.


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