Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fall Mix 2006

A copy of FriedOreo's autumn mix is on its way to Prospect Hill in the mail, and he inspired me to create my own mix for the season. Here it is. I'm not going to try to explain any of these choices, except to say that the songs are just a little drearier than summer songs and a few of them mention "autumn" and maybe "leaves" and "foliage." And a few remind me of the fall. And they're all amazing songs.

1. September Gurls (Big Star)
2. Author Unknown (Jason Falkner)
3. Middle School Frown (Josh Rouse)
4. Eat the Menu (Sugarcubes)
5. Emma Blowgun's Last Stand (Beulah)
6. Crystal Lake (Grandaddy)
7. (Do Not Feed the) Oyster (Stephen Malkmus)
8. Great Fire (XTC)
9. You Are Invited (Dismemberment Plan)
10. Colmene Whispers (Yuji Oniki)
11. Ex-Girl Collection (Wrens)
12. Raw Sugar (Metric)
13. The Stars of Track and Field (Belle and Sebastian)
14. 7 Chinese Bros. (R.E.M.)
15. Today (Ponys)
16. Hudson Line (Mercury Rev)
17. Curtain Calls (Old 97's)
18. Ramble On (Led Zeppelin)
19. Drop Me a Line (Owls)
20. The Empty Page (Sonic Youth)


At 10:34 PM, Blogger FriedOreo said...

Mug, that's a serious mix. Mine can't compare, but here's the tracklist:

1. Call It Ours
(The Legends)
2. Girl in the War (Josh Ritter)
3. Colours (Hot Chip)
4. My Happiness (Powderfinger)
5. Big Heartbreak (The Rosebuds)
6. Bring on the Ending (Matt Pond PA)
7. The Bleeding Heart Show (The New Pornographers)
8. Call Me on Your Way Back Home (Ryan Adams)
9. Ambush (Figurines)
10. I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From (Kings of Convenience)
11. Machine Gun (Slowdive)
12. Gentle Moon (Sun Kil Moon)
13. Love’s Lost Guarantee (Rogue Wave)
14. Bigger Than a God (The Sames)
15. Bite My Tongue (Blood Feathers)
16. The Postman (The American Analog Set)
17. Part One (Band of Horses)
18. Time Ago (Black Lab)
19. Sea of Love (Cat Power)

I don’t make many mixes, but after a good experience with one I compiled this past summer for a good friend, I thought I’d offer a second installment. Like I did with the Summer Mix, I’ve mostly stuck to some of my favorite, more contemporary songs. The Legends track is a pop tune full of summery charm, a reminder of the season past, and Rogue Wave’s “Love’s Lost Guarantee,” which signals the beginning of the final-third of the mix (which I like the most) offers a final reminder of winter’s certainty. Or something like that. The Hot Chip track, off their newest LP The Warning, was the final addition. Cohortmate Trinh, who has excellent musical tastes, burned me the album and the song was so smooth I knew I had to fit in somewhere. I had the Powderfinger track on heavy rotation four summers ago in Guatemala, and while it reminds me of summer, the song served a double purpose in reminding me of how eager I was to begin my senior year at Williams; thus, I thought it appropriate to add it here near the start of the Mix. The most heart-wrenching part of the Mix comes courtesy of the opening to shoegaze kings Slowdive’s “Machine Gun.” Listen to it yourself and you’ll hear what I mean. The recently disbanded The Sames picks up on the closing exuberance of the Rogue Wave track and propels the Mix through three slow-burners. As with all things rock, many threads throughout this Mix lead back to buddy and drummer extraordinaire Charlie Hall—we share a love for the band Kings of Convenience (their track on the Mix is one of my all-time favorite songs), and he turned me on to his friend’s band (Rogue Wave) as well as Philly boys Blood Feathers, whose debut album, Curse and Praise, I really like. I had to include a Rosebuds song because the band is so wonderful and underappreciated. I first heard about the Rosebuds through my roommate at Teach For America’s training institute three summers ago, and on some nights he would play the Cat Power cover of “Sea of Love” as he went to bed. It’s a fitting closer, I think, for the Mix.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger andontay said...


I would love copies of these mixes, if such distribution is permissible.

Great writeup, Friedoreo, although I'm curious as to what the "certainty of winter" amounts to in Berkeley. That line might be easier to pull off in Williamstown.

At 3:08 AM, Blogger FriedOreo said...

Andontay, you're right; certainty of winter doesn't amount to much in Berkeley. But it is indicative of how much I miss the east coast and distinct seasons.

The mix will be at your doorstep shortly.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Mugshot said...

Andontay: let's plan a mix dropoff for some time this weekend.


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